Your team

Do you want your people to deliver great results consistently? Do you want them to feel inspired, empowered and energised in their roles? Are you sick of paying out money for training that simply doesn’t have a practical application in your workplace?

The Brainfood team are experts in creative learning and development, and we can help to deliver all of the above. Our unique approach combines the three scientifically proven psychological antecedents of learning transfer (learner motivation, great design and effective transfer environment) with a creative flair to really fire people’s enthusiasm and zest to improve.

We specialise in:

  • Great leadership and management
  • Excellence in communication
  • Presenting for impact
  • Memorable customer service made easy
  • Getting the best performance from your team
  • Successful influencing and negotiating
  • Facilitating meetings that get results
  • Developing assertiveness and self confidence
  • Managing time effectively
  • Dealing with difficult situations confidently
  • Unforgettable training and coaching
  • Handling stress positively

Accelerated through:

  • Exciting leadership projects
  • Sound psychometric testing
  • Peer and facilitated coaching
  • Actor-based simulations
  • Action learning sets
  • Real life development centres
  • Gameshow style formats and video clips
  • Brain-friendly sensory environments
  • Lean process improvement
  • Charity and community challenges
  • Business simulation activities
  • Fun team building events
  • Insightful development planning

Once the Brainfood consultant understand your needs, we will partner with you to produce a tailored design to suit any budget, and also the culture and people we are working with. De – das forum für studenten narktor studentenseite. We guarantee every minute spent with our facilitators will be high value, fun and geared towards delivering better results when people return to work.

Brainfood will get under the skin of your organisation during our fact-find, so we can use your language and examples (not dry, out of date case studies and models!) and people can see the individual and organisational benefits of changing their behaviour.


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